Let’s tell your story

I’m passionate about telling stories
through designs, photographs, and words.
How I can help you tell your story?

Graphic & web design

Brand design: logo, business cards, product packaging, prints,…

• Graphic design for special occasions: party & wedding invitations

Web design: easy-to-manage websites & newsletters


• Photography on assignment: art direction, event, product & people photography

• Personal portfolio: an overview of my personal photography projects


• English copywriting: interviews, articles, websites, newsletters,…

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Laura. In the past 10 years, I gained experience both as a marketing manager and as a self-employed designer and photographer.

Mixing strategy and structure with creativity made me a result-oriented creative and an imaginative marketing manager.

When you take both together, you get LAU+, a one-person design & photography studio that loves to tell the stories of passionate dreamers.

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