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Poster design & photography for Doedemee

Poster design and photography for Doedemee.


Belgian graphic design studio Beshart was able to unite 100 artists from 28 countries in a unique co-creation project. Together we (re)designed the covers of “The 100 greatest novels of all time” (The Observer, 2003). Our mission: raise awareness for the problem of illiteracy.


I chose the book “Atonement” from the list and brought it closer to home, with a photograph I took in my hometown Antwerp. The picture was taken in the pedestrian tunnel under the river Schelde. The tunnel is an analogy for the path we walk in life. I chose to work with a Venn diagram to visualize our (and the book characters’) hopes and dreams in life.


My design was one of the selected posters to be featured in De Morgen’s newspaper.


Graphic design, Photography