Laura Schillemans
Visual Storyteller

Telling the stories of
small businesses & non-profits

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Life is a playground

3D-printed photo jewelry

I want to design to make a difference…

A difference in your life: ELEMENTS is your chance to look at the world through a magnifying glass. Take some time to focus on the little things. Find something new in the ordinary. Stay amazed.


A difference in the lives of others: I believe that entrepreneurship can change lives. That’s why 10% of my profit goes to small projects in the countries where the pictures are taken, supported through Kiva.

3D-printed photo jewelry

Every item is unique. I imagined the shapes, drew the 3D-designs, and tested the materials.


ELEMENTS is made from polished metallic plastic (alumide). Metallic Plastic is Nylon Plastic filled with Aluminum dust. This dust gives Metallic Plastic a sparkle and makes it sturdy. It can get wet, but it’s not fully watertight.


All photographs are printed on SYNAPS, the Agfa synthetic paper of a new generation. It’s UV- and water-resistant and it doesn’t tear.

My philosophy

I’m not a photographer by education, but by heart. An ad girl by day and an art girl by night. Looking for sweet spots in seemingly ordinary things. Focusing on the details in my photographs, letting people discover a new world within the one they already know. A piece of a wall, shadows on the floor,…  All little parts people often overlook, but they all contribute to the soul of a place.


By focusing on these details they get a character of their own. Normally they just blend in or disappear in the larger context they’re part of. It probably sounds corny but I believe you need to look for the beauty in the ordinary every day. These photographs are my way of showing “life is a playground”.