Web design

From newsletters to websites
Building a website from the ground up
or updating an already existing one,
it’s all possible!
  • Creating easy-to-manage websites in WIX and WordPress.
  • Updating already existing websites.
  • Reserving and setting up domain names.
  • Setting up your newsletters.


A website is always tailor made, based on your needs. I work with a freelance hourly rate (€ 50/h).  Feel free to contact me for  a personalized offer!


Below you can find an overview of the services I offer.

  • Concept

    • Structuring information based on your target group and goals
    • Finding out which communication channels can be useful (newsletter, blog, social media,…)

  • Design

    • Creating moodboards
    • Creating a look & feel for the pages
    • Translating an already existing styleguide into web design

  • Building

    • Optimizing your copy for the web
    • Creating & working with WIX
    • Creating & working with WordPress
    • Editing your existing website
    • Finding the right hosting

  • Tracking and optimizing

    • Tracking visitor behavior in Google Analytics
    • Reporting
    • SEO optimization

Would you like some more information about the options? Or do you want a custom proposal? Let me know!